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Bride & Groom Tip: Budget 10% or More On Entertainment


A professional license does not exist for this industry, therefore putting clients at high risk! An assumption is then made by the general public that all companies are the same. Educate yourself so that you can make an informed decision, due diligence is essential. Low Price Quotes = Low Expectations. Higher rates simply reflect expertise & cost of doing business for professional service providers. Don’t be fooled by part-time amateurs who do this on the side, you get what you pay for! Buying decisions are made when quality meets or exceeds the price. This is most likely your 1st & probably only time shopping for entertainment in your lifetime. Do not make your wedding day a learning experience. Since it is not an everyday product or service, cheap & generic will only result in buyer’s remorse!


My business model is a single operation (1 system / 1 event per night). Many corporate competitors have a different business model with up to 50 systems / 50 events per night). Like every industry, there are small business owners & corporate giants. You may speak to an experienced owner, only to find out on your event day that they have actually sent an inexperienced individual to do your event. You will save money, however is it worth sacrificing talent, responsiveness, quality, service, value & experience? Do you really believe corporate competitors can afford to employ 50 trained professionals while operating below the fair market value. Or, are they actually just entry level employees being paid minimum wage without a care of how your event actually turns out. Corporations profit off of volume, created only to meet the demand of 35,000 people who get engaged each year per state.