Our goal is to provide a passion driven service that creates an exciting atmosphere.

  • Dramatically impact the success of your event
  • Recognized as a valuable asset and investment
  • Incorporate enthusiastic interaction and personality
  • Engage your students with a polite, friendly presence
  • Integrate and execute our ideas together
  • Earn & establish valuable trust to build a relationship
  • Stay cutting edge and authentic through networking and continuous training
  • Maintain a code of standards and ethics

Attention Advisors & Students:
We understand your need for dependable, professional, and experienced entertainment.  Our ability to craft a performance that will be remembered forever is vital in differentiating our service.  This is why we would be honored to supply the entertainment for your school district.

Our superior reputation and image has been consistently proven by our unmatched experience. We take pride not only in our outstanding showmanship and professional appearance, but also our specialized music knowledge.  These unique qualities allow us to smoothly coordinate your event exactly how you’ve envisioned it.  We welcome suggestions in order to recognize your needs, wants, and desires. Finally, because our service is passion driven, you can be ensured that you are hiring a professional entertainment company and committed individuals who listen.

Beam Entertainment is a full-time service that is not only quality, but also quantity-oriented.  We specialize in sound, lighting & video! To accommodate you and your students, our legal music library is not only stacked with over 10,000 hits, but is also being delivered through a computerized system, thus generating a pure digital quality sound.

Our appropriate play list is also updated on a daily basis, thus providing the perfect variety to please everyone in attendance.  Furthermore, we provide one of the largest intelligent and special effect lighting systems in the Midwest.  Games, props and costumes may also be requested to help interact with your students to ensure a great time.  Lastly, an on-site backup system and a written agreement offer our clients comfort and peace of mind.

Please note that a top of the line service like Beam Entertainment books dates far in advance.  Availability is often limited, so being prompt is a must!  Please return one completed copy of the performance agreement, as well as a $200 retainer to reserve our services for your date.

Will your event be simple or complex?  Of course it will be unforgettable, but will it be remembered for what went right or because of what went wrong?  No one wants to have sub-par entertainment, however it happens every weekend in this industry.  Assuming all companies are the same in conjunction with lack of preparation and research will result in mediocrity at best.  Honestly, we do more than just play music.  I will assure you that there are cheaper mobile systems available if music is your only priority.  However, that word speaks for itself when looking for entertainment ‘cheap’.  They may resemble true entertainment, however competitors with lower rates are merely robots controlling jukeboxes.  Know the difference and don’t be fooled, you get what you pay for.

Is saving a few dollars worth risking the success of such a major event?  Don’t get stuck with what’s remaining, plan ahead and choose to have an exceptional dance.  We are affordable!  Our rate simply reflects our expertise and cost of doing business.  So remember, a great price quote cannot replace a professional service guaranteed to impress.  Don’t make this experience stressful & overwhelming!  No problems!  No complications! We want you to be able to enjoy your magical night.

I hope this information answers a few of your questions and concerns.  For further information and availability, feel free to call us anytime at (715) 579-5456.  We appreciate your call and look forward to being a part of your memorable occasion.